Creating A Dot Matrix Display

For the Dot Matrix Displays I am using four 24×16 displays from Sure Electronics.


They have a number of boards to choose from.  Although I originally purchased my boards from their EBay store, they have their own website as well:

Since I purchased these boards a couple of years ago, Adafruit now carries a very similar (red LED) chainable board:

What’s great about Adafruit is they not only provide a tutorial on how to use the boards, but they provide Arduino code as well.×24-led-matrix/

I found my original code to control the Sure Electronics displays from a user on the web.  He had already created a C# .Net version of another user’s C code.

As I now needed to control the boards from an Arudino I first tried the Adafruit library with the Sure Electronics boards.  It turns out that the two company’s displays are very similar, and there is just a slight mapping difference in how the code needs to address an invidual LED (pixel) at any particular x,y coordinate across the displays.

I will detail the difference a bit later.

Here is a picture of the four chained displays connected to an Arudino UNO displaying scores:








24 X 16 2416 Green LED Dot Matrix Display Information Board HT1632C

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